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bumper filler pieces for early 260

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I need the filler pieces for all four corners for my early 260Z. These are the pieces that attach to the body and fill int he gap at the corners. I called the suppliers and these pieces are no longer available so if anyone has any good ones they wish to sell or know of any place to get them I would greatly appreciate it.


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Did you check with MotorSports Auto in Orange, CA.? I find they have the parts your looking for on page 111 of their catalog. Call them at 800-633-6331. They are open on Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Just get ready to pay a good price.... the part numbers for the front end are:

Left 32-1094
Right 32-1095

I'm not sure if this catalog I have is the current one.... or I would tell ya the price.

Good Luck,
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