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Hi all,

Last week I found a web page that detailed
someone's budget ITS 240Z racecar. I lost
the URL and for some reason forgot to bookmark
it. It had some information about modifying the
rubber doughnut at the top of the strut on the
front suspension to allow more negative camber
than normal when slotting the upper strut
mounting holes in the unibody. There were some
other mods as well, but I don't remember what
else was on there. If I'm not half crazy and the
page still exists, let me know that URL.

Thanks so much,


PS- I have some spare parts for sale, too...

Ported N42 head + cam...
Good 240Z doors and other body panels...
Some early blue interior...nice door panels...
Complete 1971 240Z engine and trans...
LD28 crank...
L28 crank...
E31 head...
2 Sets of decent stock hubcaps (72-up Z)...
72 auto and stick console...
71 auto console...
N47 head...
ported 240Z exh. manifold...
misc 240Z stock stuff (4 cars worth)...
P79 short block...

I recently got a lot of this stuff from a local
guy who was getting out of Z's. I have too much
stuff now and need more room in the garage. Any
reasonable offer takes any of the stuff. Cheap!
Cheap! Cheap! Save my garage!

BTW, I'm just south of Houston, Texas...
I prefer to sell to locals as I don't have
a lot of spare time to mess with shipping
right now. I may have time for that in a few

107,695 Posts
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Re: Budget ITS 240Z suspension mods and parts for

> Do you have a fusebox for a 5/72 240?

How much for the E-81 head??

Dustin Morris
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