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Re: Bring on the Boost!! Turbo Intall tips request

> I am pulling a L28T motor this weekend. It
> has a P90 head on it. I snagged a Starion
> Intercooler, 3 Bosch BOV (2 have the
> Electric/Vacuum type and 1 standard vacuum
> type), I am also going to pull the ECU and
> harness and misc. parts. I am going to have
> the block rebuilt, honed, dipped and
> balanced. Anything to do or not do? I have
> read most of the archives and have a good
> handle of the Z. Something I would PAY for
> is good pictures to use a reference. Once I
> have done this all my info will be posted on
> a web site. Anyway. Thanks in advance for
> any info...

> Bean Bandit

> Project 280ZT-R
if you are really willing to spend and want good pictures go to amazon.com and order Corky Bell's Maximum Boost book. you will not be disappointed.
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