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Brake rotars and drums for 76 280

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It's time to do the brakes, so decided to do drums and rotars also. When shoppin I saw different brands and a range of $$$. Does anyone have either a good or bad experience with particular brands??? My cah is a street cah, so I don't need performance.

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For the fronts I like Hawks, yeah they are a tad expensive compaired to raybesto's but last longer.

The rear drums are a different story I have yet to change mine since they were already done when I got the car.
I buy cheapos at autozone, cuz they come with a lifetime warranty. Never had a problem with them.
Drums last a LONG time and I've never had to replace them, just get them turned a little bit. Rotors can get turned as well, if they are thick enough. Drums were made in aluminum and later in steel and the aluminum ones are sought after a bit more and hard to get brand new.
Good thing I have a few sets of the alum ones as spares. I wonder how much they go for now a days?
Er, no... the brake drums were always aluminum. Total production run of the S30.

Iron drums were replacements from the aftermarket, or people swapping 510 drums on because they hold dimensions better under heavy usage (don't expand and loose adjustment.)

Some 2+2's were refitted immediately at the dealer for some reason---I don't have any TSB that directed it, but there might be one out there.

Brembo Rotors and those from DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) seem to have very good dimensional qualities. Brembos also seem to be cad plated so you don't rust non-friction surfaces so quickly. They sometimes come in AZ Boxes... They aren't any more expensive than non-named brands.

For pads, Hawk works in my daily driver now...but traditionally I run Porterfield R4S with Motul RBF600 (or I believe the new RBF650)... don't use crap fluid, or you will be sorry--it will be like you didn't do anything. Fluid is the common mistake on all brake jobs I see people making, great parts and then generic crap fluid.
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