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-----Brake Line Q1 Recommended Flaring, Cutting and Bending Tools??

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Hi All,

Doing a restoration and I am about to re-do all the brake lines in a '71 240z. I see many tools for flaring and bending lines. I just want to buy once to get the job done right. What tools have any of you used with success and can recommend for:

1. Cutting brake line square.
2. Flaring brake line efficiently with one pass.
3. Bending brake line easily.

I have all of the original brake lines so; off-the-car replication will be first step with on-the-car final fitting tweaks is the plan.

Thanks as always!

Ol' Blue
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The best tools for line work can be found here http://www.stridetool.com/aboutus/aboutus.html
Their simplest small tubing cutter and simplest bender are all you need. I have a Snap-On tube flaring kit but I'm sure a Craftsmen would be fine. The Imperial brand can be found at various retailers /plumbing supply/auto outlets if you look around. As far as first pass?....practice, practice.
I have been taught to use a double flare on brake lines. Anyone else???
Most brake line flaring IS double flare (I don't think single flaring is legal?) but in many cases, the bubble flare is what is required. I just do the first stage of a double flare and haven't had a problem yet. Please correct me if I've been doing it wrong all these years!
Use a plumber's tubing cutter to cut the lines. AutoZone will loan a flaring tool to you for free. Probably a bender as well. You can also get them pretty cheap at harbor freight or a lil nicer at Sears. As for the brake line material itself, I highly recommend you go with the copper-nickel alloy type rather than steel or stainless. It doesn't rust, is much less prone to kinking, and is way easier to work with. You can do most of the bending work by hand with it; leaving only the sharpest bends to do with the tool.Double flaring is the official right way to go but I have also done single flares. Either way, practice with the tool a few times before you get started. Double flaring is not a self-evident technique; read the instructions!
All cars in US and Canada must use double flare or ISO on brake line fittings. I would never risk a single flare on something that is saving your life.
Welcome back Blue!! I haven't seen you on here in a LONG time!

I have a double flaring tool that I got from Autozone that works pretty well. It did take me a couple practice flares to get it right, but it is not hard once you figure it out.

By the way I am in the middle of using your write up on the rear suspension. THANK YOU for the detailed process, it is a life saver!
Swagelock makes the best cutter blades out there, and they made sure everybody copied their setup so you can buy their cutting wheels and put them in a cheap Imperial Eastman Cutter and get the same results for a fraction of the cost. Their blades also fit in the mini-cutters that are out there, and that makes close-quarters work a dream.

Other items in your question are referenced in the other post (Q2) you had.
Thanks All!

Back in the USA in a few days then the ol' mail ordering will be flying for my next stint back in Canada and restoration.

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