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Brake Issues

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Hi Guys..
I'll be up front.
I haven't worked on my 1981 280zx (Non-Turbo Auto) in over a year. Car has been garaged for over a year.
Finally, I replaced the bad radiator and it started right up.
But..I noticed when I stepped on the brake, it went all the way down to the floor.
I was able to back it out of my garage and drive it a few hundred yards before I noticed I did'nt have a lot of braking power.
Back in the garage it went.
I noticed a small leak below the left master cylinder reservoir.
The fluid in the left reservoir is full, almost at the top and the right reservoir is very low.
I added some fluid to the eft, but the problem still persists and now I have my Brake light staying on.
I'm not that experienced with brakes..Can anyone give me a few tips on what to look for and what to try?
I know I probably have a bas master cylinder, but hopefully someone has had the same issues.
Any help would be appreciated.
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One of my little cars that I parked over the winter developed the same problem. Turns out one of the brake lines rusted thru. Here is what to look for. Fill up the reservoir and get in the car and pump the brakes. Now look on the ground under your car to find the leak, there's your broken or rusted line.
Of course the cure is put in a new brake line. In any case, you will need to bleed the system.
Try a search or download the FSM.
As a heads up be careful removing rusty bleeder screws and if you have to if the lines are leaking the flair nuts. The flair nut wrench is only good for tightening the flair nuts use a flat jaw adjustable vice grip and have it on the flat ends.
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