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BOV vacuum source...

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Should I get a vacuum source for the BOV after the TB . If I should get vacuum after the TB I need a fitting that originally came on the Datsun EFI intakes. You know the small barbed one. The smallest one from Orchard won' t work (anybody have one). What would happen if I got vacuum source before the TB, would it still work?

74.5 260 L28, T3/04, 10lb Fidanza, Center Force II, EFI, Phantomgrip 3.54
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you have a pressure spike when you snap the throttle closed. if you take the pressure source from between the turbo and the throttle plate, the pressure will build up on the backside of the BOV diaphragm, making it resistant to lifting and relieving the pressure.

You stall or surge the compressor.

When you tap the manifold plenum on the side between the intake valves and the throttle body, when you snap throttle closed, you get a very high manifold vacuum spike. This spike lifts the BOV open quicker to vent that pressure in front of the T/B...
you want it after the tb. just use a T off another line on the manifold.
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