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> When I took my transmission out to change
> the clutch I noticed something. The Chilton
> I have says that the 84 and later 300zx's
> had the shifters held in with 4 bolts on a
> plate. The 280zx's had a single pin. My 83
> 280zxt has the 4 bolts and says borg warner
> on it. Is this normal, and is this a better
> transmission? It is making a noise in first,
> and only first as far as I can tell.

> Also the input shaft had a lot of play when
> I took it out. This is a bad sign, right?
280zx turbos came with a borg warner t-5. these are pretty solid transmissions. they are a bit more notchy to shift than a standard z tranny and that's the only criticism that i've heard. any play in the input shaft is a problem. if i were you, i'd have it rebuilt as long as you have it out. yes it's expensive, but looking for a used one and then having it rebuilt will be more expensive when your's self destructs.
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