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boggs when you get on it then backfires

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My 280zx (1979) will idle ok but when you floor it it bogs then rpms jump up and then when you let off bang bang... what could this be?
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whats your fuel pressure? buy a fuel pressure and vacuum gauge. That should help pinpoint the problem.

where do i get a fuel pressure gauge?
throttle position switch...did the car get wet before this happened? rained? its the black box on the side of the throttle body..take it off and clean it...then put it back, but make sure you set it first when you put it back...check out blues tech tips for information on how to calibrate it.
Sounds like you have either a vacuum leak or a lean fuel issue.

i checked all the vacum lines...they all connected...the 2 to throotle body the one to dist
all of em
280zx for sale!!!

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Don't be so **** quick to give up man ;-)

My opinion on your problem would be to look at your AFM internally. The problems you are having sounds like classic symptoms of a mechanically worn out Air Flow Meter. I'm willing to bet that's the cause of your problem. The AFM is like the heart of the Bosch Fuel Injection System. When the internal parts of the AFM wear out like the spring loaded flaps, potentiometer ect. get weak it will cause problems exactly like what your experiencing.

This is what sounds like the culprit to me.

Good luck,

afm sensors clean as a whistle...inside of it looks like its gta be the cleanest thing on the whole car
not worn at all
i really love my z... i am bringing it to a shop tomarrow to see whats up...
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