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Body Panel and Wheel cover questions

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I recently had a bad experience with my stock 71 240z, someone tried
to take a left turn from a right lane in front of me and wham!
Luckily, it hit directly in the middle of my hood and high, taking
out the hood, bumper, grill and radiator support. No fender or frame
rail damage at all.

As this car had been "refreshed" some years ago, now I have an excuse
"refresh" it again with a bare metal repaint.

My questions for the group:

- Does anyone have experience with a company in the UK called
FourWays Engineering? Here is their web site. www.fourways-engineering.co.uk They advertise body panels they have made like the radiator core support and a rear panel, both top lip and full panel. Has anyone seen or used either of these panels from them?

I know the top lip of the rear panel is available here. The radiator core support is not available in the US as far as I know.

- Does anyone have a lead on the ever elusive "D" wheel covers for
the 70-71. I'd be looking for mint condition ones. I have 1 never
used "Z" cover and 3 lousy ones, so I'd consider 3 new ones of that
type. (I have a late model 71, 8-71).

Thanks. Carl Johnson.
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Our (USA) "E-BAY" web site has lots of Z stuff all the time...I suggest lurking on that site...you might find the things you want...Fourways (I think) is a pretty reputable company...didn't they make the $70,000 dollar Z-Car???...it was in one of your Brit car mags a while back...bee-yoo-tee-full!!!!...Good Luck... :eek:)
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