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body kit worries me

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ok. .i got and installed my new aero body kit.. however.. its fiberglass..
i didnt do enough research to find out about the alternatives. besides that i didnt like any of the eurothane kits.. so now im worried that if i bump a curb its gonna crack the front air ****..

when i got it i put another layer of fiber glass in it.. it strengthened it quite a bit.. i was also going to put that "great stuff" foam spray in it..
do you think thats a good idea.. and how worried should i be?
does anyone else have that kit?

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From what I have read they do bust fairly easy and there thin. I have not seen one but I would do like your going. Maybe cover the whole inside once with a thin coat and maybe a thrid around the bottom edges that may contact the ground or curb. Maybe add a extra brace from the frame for more support..........
If you are talking about like the aero kit 2 for and s30 ill tell you what i did. I was thinkin the same thing and yeah if someone bumps you in a parking lot of somethign it will crack but i made little bumpers so it wouldnt crack and split as bad. I opened the stock bumber shocks and depressed them, then bolted a hollow square steel bar that fits under the air dams. THis way if you are bumped it will only crack and not destroy the dam and maybe dent the hood or break a tail light.
thats what i was gonna do... i was gonna make my own bumper. and then put the fiber glass over it.. but i couldnt compress the shocks.. even after releasing the air. however now that they are off i think it should be ez..
but will they stay compressed? whats an ez way to make them stay?

one good thing though if it does get cracked or something.. its not too hard to fix.. just painting it again is a pain.. which actually would be ez..

what i was gonna do is-
put tape or a back of some kind on the air dame..then fill it with the foam.. i got the extra strong kind..

im really not worried about it for an accident.. cause no matter what the front end will be in trouble especially without a real bumper.
the best thing to do would be to bite the bullet and buy a urethane air dam; sell the fiberglass one on ebay. My uncle did his entire front end in fiberglass, big flares and everything.. he was autocrossing one day and hit a cone, smashed the air dam into a million pieces.. and it had been reinforced. so now he drives one of the most beautiful Zcars in south florida, with a big black urethane air dam on it because his pretty painted one smashed. you can get an identical air dam from motorsports, but youd have to do something about the bumper.. maybe (this is what i have planned) get a bumper bar from a 240 and weld some angle iron together, making a bumper to fit on your brackets, then using the 240 bumper as a skin...

until then, leave the bumper on. its ugly, but its a great bench!!
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well i dont have the bumper.. there was none on the car when i bought it..

this is depressing.. i think that this is a problem.. but i dont plan on dodging cones. im just gonna drive the car to work and to the mall on weekends.

where do i find and identical air dam in urethane form? cause i dont want anything that doesnt cover the bumper.

i dont understand why the fiberglass would just shatter like that.
why would they even sell something like that.. what about cars that are all fiberglass?

is there somekind of urethane that i can coat the whole thing with?

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I was thinking of just fiberglassing some aluminum bars into the backside of the bumper part to help spread the shock of anything hitting it. Not sure how much it would save it from cracking it though. And i dont think aluminum would expand that much with heat, atleast not like steel bars. Otherwise avoid curbs..

Get the urethane air dam, the front of my car went under a semi crushing the hood, grill, headlight bucket, radiator..you get the point; but my urethane air dam survived with only some paint chips. The dam was ripped out of the fender. The hardware ripped out of the metal not the plastic!!! As far as fiberglass goes, have you ever seen a Vette in a "fender Bender"? They shatter, if they catch fire, they melt into a pile of molten goo.
thats what im thinking.. just dont drive like a nut case. when parking be careful of those concrete things. with the extra layer of fiber glass i put, this thing is pretty strong..

another thing i was wondering about was the front and back parts had the gel coat on them.. nice and smooth like a shower. what exactly is that stuff.
and the side skirts didnt have that on them.. it was like they just had bondo on them painted grey.
I've had my fibreglass kit on for about 6 years.You just gotta compensate for it and crab onto the odd steeper driveway.Apart from stone chips to the paintwork mines good as new.You dont want a fender bender nomatter what you are in.Drive carefully : )
I can not wait to get rid of the fiberglass one on my 76 280 I love the side skirts and the rear but the front too much damage i am going to the urethane and then use a 240 bumber one the front.

BTW they do not make a urethane to cover the front bumber just fiberglass

On a vette the nose cone is urethane to absorb 5-10 mph crash the Z fiberglass will break even when you streaghnthen it because there is no give to it Sorry for all the bad news
why do they even bother making fiberglass stuff..
what a waste.. im so mad..
well i guess i ll just have to not hit anything.
Dont be mad until you hit something or someone hits you.
THEN be mad...

i could just get the only urethane air dam that motorsports has.. and somehow attach the fiberglass bumper that they sell...
that will make the endevor cost 340 plus shipping.

so its quite a bit more than the one i bought..

does anyone know how i would attach the fiberglass bumper (designed for 240) to my car and the urethane air dam?
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