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Re: Great post Brendan!! A+!! :)

> I remember also hearing that the L16 4 cyl
> was a licensed copy of a BMW 1600, but I
> must have mixed my makes up, because the
> L-series is derived from a Mercedes engine.
> From
> <A HREF=http://www.mame.mu.oz.au/salman/history.html>http://www.mame.mu.oz.au/salman/history.html</A>
> -- quote --

> Facts about the engine

> The engine was designed for the 240Z by
> adding two more cylinders to the very
> succesful OHC engine in the Datsun 1600. It
> was not as smooth as a Jaguar engine
> but certainly competed with a Mercedes
> engine. Incidentally it is related to a
> Mercedes engine. The Datsun 1600 engine is a
> copy of the early 1960's Mercedes 220 six
> cylinder engine, minus two cylinders and
> suitably stroked and bored. Then to make the
> 240Z engine (L24) Nissan added 2 more
> cylinders. The L26 engine from
> the 260Z is the L24 with the same bore but a
> bigger stroke. The L26 became the L28 of the
> 280ZX. The L series engine was last used in
> the six cylinder Nissan skyline (mid 80's)
> and the VL commodore but this time with a
> capacity of 3.0 litres.

> Straight six engines are notable for their
> smoothness and are theoretically the closest
> you can approach the smoothness of a V12.
> However they are not the best in
> terms of packaging and so have been mostly.

> The L series engine is well known for its
> legendary strength and reliability. The
> engine is is a seven bearing design and has
> an absolutely bulletproof lower end.
> Legends abound of cars with 500,000 miles on
> the clock which come in for an overhaul and
> the lower end is still OK. L series engines
> very rarely need an align bore of the lower
> end no matter what the mileage.

> -- end quote --

> The page
> <A HREF=http://www.ccar.com.au/aus/dec96-240Z.html>http://www.ccar.com.au/aus/dec96-240Z.html</A>
> also confirms the Mercedes engine origins,
> and that the gearbox was a Porsche design
> and the diff was virtually
> indistinguishable from a BMW item.

> Porsche, Mercedes, BMW - Nissan must have
> liked the way Germans build cars. There's a
> Z-car saying - Nissan only copied the
> best. :)

> A sentence out of a Z article I have reads
> Look under the bonnet of an early
> sixties Mercedes 220 and it's like looking
> at a Z engine. The only online image
> of a Merc 220 engine bay I found was from an
> early 50's model at
> <A HREF=http://www.cars-on-line.com/52mercedes1048-B.html>http://www.cars-on-line.com/52mercedes1048-B.html</A>
> - this didn't look similar, but at least
> the engine slanted the right way. Maybe
> someone can source an image to post?

> The page
> <A HREF=http://www.autospeed.com/A_0004/article.html>http://www.autospeed.com/A_0004/article.html</A>
> says you can graft a Z20 head onto an L20.
> Unforunately there were no Z6 motors (the
> Z18, Z20 & Z24's were all 4 cyls). The
> RB series of inline sixes shows many
> similarities with the L series. There motors
> are also mentioned on the above page and
> have things like DOHC, 4 valve, big ports,
> variable intake timing... ie. the good
> stuff! But if you can source the head, you
> may as well source the entire motor as the
> bottom end is as advanced as the head and
> will fit into a Z.

> Anyway, you could go to your friendly parts
> dealer and compare the head gaskets of a
> Mercedes to an L6. There may be some
> advantage to be gained from sourcing
> Mercedes parts... mechanical fuel
> injection?? column shift??? :)

> As for the gearbox, I think Porsche owners
> would rather pay Nissan prices for overhaul
> parts. Then again, there may be racing
> spec parts from Porsche? And BMW's may
> be a source of LSD's?
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