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have you checked the airflow meter. The meter could be out of adjustment after 284,000 miles.

> My '79 zx is blowing black smoke, I have
> replaced the spark plugs, air filter, added
> injector fuel cleaner, all the injectors
> were replaced not long ago and they are
> fine. I have inspected all vacuum line for
> leaks etc. I took it to a Nissan dealer
> service shop. The mechanic there tested the
> fuel system, He found it to have too much
> pressure. He said that the FUEL PRESSURE
> REGULATOR was bad. I changed the FPR. Now
> you don't smell heavy fumes like before, the
> smoking decreased but there it still some
> black smoking during hard accelarations.
> (not quiet as bad). This smoke is black (NOT
> OIL Blue). The car does not burn oil. The
> car idles smooth and the acceleration is
> great as ever. This is the second 280zx that
> I've owned. I am familiar with Z's
> performance. Has anyone had this problem
> before? What else in the fuel EFI may be in
> need of replacement at 284,000 miles?
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