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big FYI; please read (especially new[er] members)

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For all those who may read this. Lately it seems there are a growing number of people not willing to search, learn, or answer what is asked of them.

How can you expect to receive REAL help if you do not:
1) Learn enough to understand what is being talked about. This includes the forum sticky, links in that sticky, FSM, and information we provide.
2) Use the search function. No one seems to do or like this. If anything you learn more doing this. It gives you perspective, relativity, and easy answers.
3) L listen to those 'in the know' and / or senior members.
4) State the specifics. If you give us too much info we can tell you how and why it does not pertain (you learn from this process). If you are not specific how can we understand HOW we need to help you?
5) Lastly (not necessarily conclusively) answer the questions WE ask. Some people will ask dumb or irrelevant questions (those who are not stupid will call them out on it). Either way you are better off answering AS BEST YOU CAN (ie no short or general answers).

Unless you do YOUR PART by searching, learning, and thinking about your question BEFORE you ask, you CANNOT expect a relevant answer.

Zcar.com is full of people who have real understanding, real experience, and are willing to help. If you do not follow their guidance or answer their questions, you are just throwing away time and money...

One of the strengths of this forum is a broad variety of people who many different backgrounds. Where someone needs help another can offer assistance. Having people from all walks and experiences of life is a good thing.

To close, think about this. - Tell us all you want about what your mechanic said, what another forum told you, or what you THINK a manual says. However, DO NOT base your conclusion on it. Obviously you are here because you still have a problem. If you are just making a statement or want to read about another person's experience [for fun] state that clearly. This will help us not mistake your curiosity for a question.

Sorry for the rant... needs to be said IMO.
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