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best way to fill gap?

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i have a new rear bumper cover and it has a rather large gap(around 1") between it and the body. What is the best way to fill this so that it does crack or separate..
should i make the bumper and the body one piece or should i just build out the bumper cover to meet the body?
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Is the bumper fill panel still tack welded to the body beneath the tailights? That's what is supposed to fill in that space. I would definitley not attach the bumper to the body of the car unless you go with the fiberglass bumper covers that I see on MSA's catalog. I believe that filler panel can be gotten still. Mine's rotted to **** and back and needs replacement. The fill panel actually goes right up to the rear bumper and just a bit above it so they are not touching. Hope this helps!

if u wanna fill a gap for structural purposes i suggest u use fiber glass, if its just so it looks good use body filler, for smaller dents use puddy. But since its a hole u need a base, use duck tape or something hard but light as a base to start off.
well i have no bumper.. its the body kit from msa the one that goes over all bumpers.
its fiber glass.. but there is a gap between it and the car body.. not a perfect fit.. but its too big i think to just fill with e-6000 epoxy like they say.
i dont want to leave a big gap there it will look stupid..
and i think it would make sense to not permantly attach the kit to the car with fiberglass.. so should i just build more onto the body kit to fill the gap..

fiberglass would be my material of choice. im sorry i dont have pics of it..
i need to get a camera.

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