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Best exaust

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Im going to redo my exaust setup, I need to know what the exaust is like headers and stuff. I may just streight pipe it, not sure how loud these things are with out mufflers. I did a search but I want peoples opinions .

Thank you
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If it's for a turbo like in your signature, a local zx member here had installed a 3" cat back system with a Flowmaster stainless I think. I sounds really nice. Deep and a little throaty but nothing obnoxious. He had it custom done here in town.

I just have a standard 79' 280zx gl, i'm running straight 2 3/4 pipe to a Megan Muffler. Gives it a deeper ricer sound, not like the hondas that sound like a 125cc dirtbike @ full throttle....

http://www.meganracing.com/uploadImage/regular/megan df muffler.jpg thats the link to the muffler i'm running...
i just ran 6 to 1 header with 18in glasspack on mine i love it as do all my friends ( some are hard core 5.0 mustang some are ricers and one has a nice 61 chevy and another a 97 grand prix supercharged all have there own prefrences with cars but they all compliment me on the way my car sounds) i think it would sound so awesome if i had a turbo on mine and if you dont like it you can always throw a muffler on it and get a totally different sound

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z240zdude is right...

I've got an 83 ZXT. Personally, I had a 3" mandrel bent exhaust made with a 5"x8" Oval 14" long MagnaFlow Stainless Steel muffler with 3" inlet and dual 2.5" outlets (#14221) and welded on chrome side-by-side twin tips. I picked my own tips to get the look I wanted vs getting something that comes with tips already. <http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/ss.htm> If you were to glance at it, you'd never think it wasn't stock. The 2.5" twin tips fool the eye and you don't realize how much flow they actually have.

Having it made really wasn't much more expensive than a pre-built unit and I got exactly what I wanted, but it still isn't as loud as z240Zdude's 240Z.

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just put 2.5 inch pipe from header back to a flowmaster delta flow 40 series.

sounds deep and very loud. i can hear my son 3 blocks away hammerin it.

did wonders tossing that crap 1-5/8 inch stock straw it crapped out of before. also got rid of that pansy glasspack in the middle of the run that was annoying as heck.

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yall keep talking about headers and such, but *most* of the time, turbo cars dont have them. Your best bet for a turbo exhaust is 3" (mandrel bent if available) pipe and a straight through (magnaflow, dynomax, etc...) muffler. Indy pretty much nailed it on the head, but i thought id put my $.02 in.
Cool, thanks. I was looking at what MSA had but I wanted to know what eles is out there
i forget what the price is for a pipe system and muffler from MSA, but my shop i go to charged us $375 for 2.5 inch pipe from header back (with a new 3 bolt flange) to a flowmaster muffler and a 3" chrome tip.

i have a short video of the sound of it after install linked below, but right after video was shot we had to toally re-sync and adjust the carbs because of the better exhaust flow.

2.5 inch exhaust

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I had a local muffler shop create a true dual exhaust from the header tubes back. I installed two glass packs inline with 2 1/4" diameter pipes. I had to re-jet as soon as I went from 6 to 1 to the new setup.

I had flanges built so I can remove sections of exhaust (Can't get to the driveshaft without pulling the middle section out).

It just sings at 4000 RPM, and burbles at idle... and you can see the two tubes snaking over to the left side from the back. It looks serious.

I gave the guy $200 cash and another $50 for the glass packs. It's bolted up with rubber mounts. No vibration or rattle.
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