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belt broke

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i was driving home from this evening and i noticed a quick sputter and then a spring back to life.. as i continued down the road i noticed my heat started to get cold...at this point i was about a mile away. to make a long story short.. my belt broke.. it was giving me some signs too.. it was squeaking a bit more than usual today..

my question is could i have ruined anything..? my temp gauge is not working.. so i didnt see how hot it got.. but i turned it off to hear a bit of bubling from the radiator.. it stopped in like 4 min..its about 37 degrees outside..

could i have done any serious damage? it wasnt off long cause my lights had full power and nothing was dimming yet..
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How long did you run with no belt?

The belt turns the water pump. Without the water flowing, your engine will heat up fast :(

Usual problems are warped head and ring problem/ piston problem/ cylinder wall problem.
well i think i only ran it for like 8 min like that.. 8 min at the most.. but i was moving pretty quick.. and it was cold out..
when i turned it off it wasnt boiling too bad.. and it stop quick...

what exactly is the belt called? so i get the right one.. im thinking i cant get it wrong being there is only one on the car.

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Usually it is called a fan belt.

The belt drives the water pump and alternator.

what condition was it in?

A failed water pump or alternator could have caused it to fail so check those parts and see if they spin ok.

Get your temp gauge fixed asap too.
I'd say i's prolly O.K. Just replace teh belt and drive 'er as usual. You'll know pretty soon if something went wrong :)
Change the fan belt, and FIX the temperature guage. In the future do NOT drive a car if you break the belt as mentioned it can cause damage QUICKLY.

A car in motion can remain cool without a fan, but it NEEDS the water pump to circulate the water. The water in most areas of the engine will not be cooled by air passing over the engine, and the cold water in the radiator is NOT in the engine since the pump is not causing it to circulate.
i lost all my coolant on the freeway once and didnt notice it untill i was on city streets. i pulled over and filled it up and i didnt kill it so i think you should be fine

They give awards for boasts like this.

Amazing explain how you lose all your coolant before you 'noticed'?

I don't understand how you can ignore the gauges, the sound, the feel, the smell, and the smoke out the rear at freeway speeds. You must be able to totally tune out the environment.

What scares me is you probably have similar abilities to block out cars, pedestrians, and other incidentals while driving!
well who knows how hot the water was inside the engine.. i was thinking about that.. didnt matter how hot or cold it was in the radiator..

the belt just broke.. it looked real thin in the spot it broke.

and my gauge i hope it just the temp switch.
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