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Battery hooked up backwards!!!

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Ok, so I just got a 81 280zx, was told it was running when it was parked and that it just needed to pass smog and was good to go. Threw a battery in it to see if it would start, never worked on one of these before and rather than checking where the battery cables were connected I just looked at colors, for some reason the PO had the red hooked up as ground and black as the pos. Problem is i didnt notice till i hooked it up, and tried to start the car, the fusible link for the accessory fuse panel was already blown, my question is what kind of damage could this have done, once i hooked it up normally everything electronic inside seems to work, except for the accessory stuff but like i said that fusible link was already blown. Ill find out tomorrow if it will start as the starter wont engage all the way and wont turn over, just wondering what all may have been damaged by the reverse polarity. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Hmm, reversing Mr Battery. Fusi link, possible fried alternator, ECU, anything with trasistors or diodes. Remember Glenn Close,"I simply won't be thrown out like some bottle or something!" I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from! Norm K.
Ouch. Did this like 12 years ago. Fried ECU and fusible links. Everything else was fine. When i did this as soon as i connected the battery wrong the fusible links smoked like crazy and the fumes started choking me instantly. Good luck
With any luck the fusible link was already blown and protected you from frying the ECU
How do they do it? Positive/negative does it make a difference?
nothing ever started smoking, no smell of burn electrical, so hopefully all will be well
I've never seen anyone come to this site and admit hooking up the battery wrong or arcing with jumper cables. Its always a friend, cousin, brother, tow truck driver, the kid, po. Next a band of wire swapping dogs?
I admit that is was definitely my fault for not paying better attention to what i was doing. I know better than to rely on color coding for wires, especially on such an old vehicle. Mistakes happen, I was just asking for a starting point on what was likely to be damaged. I see neither the point or purpose of your reply as it adds nothing substantial to the thread.
replace the fusible links and see what will happen.
If you need ECU just PM me.
Thanks, ill be getting to it in the morning and ill let you know.
I made this mistake on my 83 ZX when I first got it and first started out learning auto repair and care. I was charging the old batt which I connected the wrong connectors on the battery charger which is just as bad. Lucky for me the battery was allready bad sence I refilled it several times. Check your fuseables and fuses and relay, then make sure your contacts are secure and clean and in the right position, see if it fires up.
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