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battery constantly dies

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could the fan that cools the injectors be killing my battery?
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No, I thought that was the case when I first bought my ZX, check your alternator and work from there. if the battery dies it could be the charging system or the battery is bad or going bad. Use the FSM on electrical http://www.xenons130.com/reference.html and read through the trouble shoots. The fan may seem like its the cause but it bearly is running on the battery but it could kill the batt if the charging system isnt working properally.
take it to a battery shop. have them load test it and test the charging system. if everything checks out then you need to look for a drain with an ammeter
Jaket: "...but it bearly is running on the battery but it could kill the batt if the charging system isnt working properally. ..." W.T.F? ? ? ? ?

If the temp exceeds a predetermined limit, the injector fan cuts on a timer for about 10 minutes. If your battery is dying, it could just be that time. How old is it? Have it load tested. Now let's assume a brand new good for sure battery. If it is now dying, is it charging. I'd like to say have your alternator tested but mine tested good even though it was not. Check your voltmeter, it should read about 14 volts while driving. If it drops down to 12, it probably is not charging. If you put enough of a load on it, the voltage will drop some.
I apologize about what I said earlier, back when I was just starting I had a similar problem and I thought the same thought. "It might be the engine fan." turned out it was the alternator and bad battery.
I have a new battery in the car. The alternator is putting out 12v. Should it be putting out 13 or 14V?
should be 13-14. What the voltmeter is reading now is your battery charge. Turn on the lights and take a drive, you will notice the VM dropping...well, don't really do this, you'll end up getting stuck.

Drop the pan ( 4- 10mm bolts) There are 2 bolts holding on the alternator from the bottom. One bolt on the tensioner on top.

If I recall, it was easier to remove the entire alt bracket on the bottom.
It is if you have AC otherwise it pulls from the top easily.
And disconnect your battery FIRST before trying to pull the alt out.....

Re: battery constantly dies when you have low voltage like...

anything less than 13.9 w/ heavy traffic. Aim for 13.9-14.4 VDC. Norm K
palladin said:
Maybe not AC but Power Steering
Maybe with you but your ZX didnt have its AC sold off for some unknown reason. But lets assume that he has his then dropping it through the bottom would be easy and I done it both ways allthough I forgot how I got it out without removing the bottom pan out.
Easy from under. I just had my nissan alt rebuilt for 60 bucks 2 year warranty.
by a local shop. Took two hours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gdmmkp_l7Q&feature=channel
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Thanks. for the advice...if I pull the alt it will be from the bottom. upon inspection of my fuse box in the cars interior the spot where the fuse goes is damaged. i pulled the fuse, and it is as if there is no connection, nothing holding it in...does this make any sense...will pull the interior and try to take a closer look at the fuse box.....
It could be an improper fuse size. Do you have the fuse box cover?
yes ...I have the cover...
He is trying to say to look at the fuse box cover and confirm you have the right fuse.
I have seen the contacts in the fuse panel itself damaged to the extent they won't hold a fuse. Those square flat looking fuses have two phyically different configurations. You need to have one that is the correct physical dimension and the correct amperage rating.
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