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Barrett Jackson 2011

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I went to the Scottsdale Barrett Jackson auction for the first time this weekend. What an event! The auction itself is a little boring except when a car that interests you comes across the block, but there is SO much to do. My dad and I spent 2 days at the auction and only watch maybe 2 hours of the actual auction. Heck it was nice to get out of Buffalo for a weekend, I'll take 70 over -10 any day.

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Auto Erotica!

Not 1, not 2, but 3 different Veyrons!

I am a sucker for those beautiful Koenigseggs! YUM!
That Cougar GTE was pretty cool to see. I had never seen or heard of that model before. I thought the Cougar Eliminator convertables were rare. I live 10 minutes from there and went on Thursday night. I love rare muscle cars. A 70 Superbird was sold for 170K Wow.
Yeah, the GT-E was awesome. Still shocked me when it went for $165K. Think most people were surprised by that.
Its all about the money. They will even sell you a fake car and never admit its a fake.

It definitely is about the money for them. I think if I go back I will go to RM and Gooding.
Love the pics!
Thanks! There were so many great cars that I didn't get pics of. Kind of weird to walk past a Hemi Cuda or Superbird and not take a pic, but they didn't strike me as much when in the same company as a Gumpert.
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