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Bad o2 sensor

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So i've been thinking my knock sensor was going bad causing my car to run like crap but today I found out my driver side o2 sensor is bad. I just changed my exhaust & I could tell the driver's side was running lean because the pipe is turning gold. Tested the o2's & the driver's side comes on for about 15-20 seconds then goes off for the same. Autozone has Bosch o.e. sensors for $68 is it cool to run them? What is the best way to attack these beasts?
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best way to take 'em out is with the O2 sensor wrench, or just a 22 open wrench if you're NA.

Passenger's side, battery needs to come out, driver's side can be tackled from down under. Using the wrench will make things easier and quicker, but you'll need an 8" extension and maybe a swivel joint
Thanks. Is it safe for me to drive it an hour back home?
yep... your gas mileage will suffer a bit, but other than that no further issues.

Just double check your codes and wiring before you pull it out. It has happened that the wires come in contact with something hot, melt and lose signal.

Also run a hot test on the O2's it will take you a couple of minutes but you'll see how bad they really are
I did. The passenger side seemed fine but the drivers would come on & stay on for 20+/- seconds & then go off for the same. I know it's running lean the exhaust coming out of the driver's side is noticably hotter than the passenger side. I didn't want to cause any permenant damage.
Change em both....
I posted a few links ( a while back ) for an 02 change out...
Bosch are fine...
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