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Bad clanking noise and no compression on # 4

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I have major problems and need some help. First off it's a 75 2+2 280Z from California. 137,000 miles and stock as far as I know.
I've let my niece drive it because she needs a car and loves the Z! She was on the freeway going to work and suddenly heard loud noise and limped to the side. Couldn't get it going and towed it to me. I started it when it got here and it is ugly metal grinding and rough so I turned it off quickly. I inspected the plugs and nothing bad, pulled the valve cover and nothing that I could see. I checked the oil and it was dry. I had just changed it a month or two ago and no notice of leaking. I did a compression test and it is ugly. From first to sixth it is 140, 135, 0, 130, 140, 140. About six months ago my compression was 150 across the board + or _ 2.
Now I know I have major problems, perhaps a broken rod or valve rattling around but I don't know. I would just appreciate any help as to where to begin. The manual just shows how to pull the engine out and then disassemble.
If anyone has any pointers, insight, what not to do, or anything that will help I would appreciate it. I'm not quite sure where to start so a brief outline would help immensely.
If I have left out any important information or something I should be testing please let me know.
Thanks John
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Broken rod. Motor swap.
Motor swap time, OR just call in sick for a week, do the surgery when you could just get some $350 used motor (like the used motor you have now, maybe better) and git on with your life. Some installation may be necessary. Sorry to hear this. Norm K.
I wish you live in Phoenix AZ I will lend a hand.
the manual is right, pull the motor out and disassemble.
Don't let your niece drive anymore of your vehicles. She either does not know how to check oil or is too lazy to.
Get a used motor and install.
First off thanks for the replies. Although not what I wanted to hear I figured that was the situation. Thanks for the offer Borini63 and the simpathy Norm K. The issues I have is no cherry picker or whatever, which I will look into renting. Next is where to look into buying a used motor around LA which I am looking now. If anyone has any suggestions they are greatly appreciated. Also as far as Norm's reply I actually can take a week off to dig into this do you think a rebuild is an option or should I just get on with my life like you said? I can't afford to take to anyone but I don't want to get rid of it so any ideas are welcome.
Thanks again
Its possible to rebuild the engine in the car, I have heard. Anyone like to expand on this?
For the cost of a basic L series engine on craigslist I would just scrap the motor and get a used one and swap it in.
You can refresh an engine while it is still in the car, but only if there is NO damage to the cylinder walls or block.

What do you think the odds are that there is no damage to the cylinder walls or block with a broken connecting rod?

The most inexpensive (even having to rent a cherry picker) and fastest way to get it back on the road is to swap in a used engine. Find a car smart friend or a car club near you for someone to give you a hand and lend moral support.

Then clean and inspect the old engine to see if it is worth salvaging. If it is, then rebuild it at your convenience and have a spare. You will learn a lot about your engine that will be helpful in later troubleshooting if you go this route. There are some good books on how to do this. Plus the factory service manual.
I like your thinking chEng I just need an engine. I guess I just need to be more patient, nothing; within 200 miles on craigslist, 5 [email protected]#$%&...shysters...I mean junkyards, Overprice.com I mean EBay, or general searches. I'm sure there are some around I just can't seem to find them. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks John
Get a hold of Group Z, http://www.groupz.com/, join the club, attend some meetings and I'm sure you will find what you need. I was a member many years ago when I lived out there and they were a great group of people.
Put a free classified on this site, should be lots of engines available in your area.

Bonzi Lon
LA probably has the most L-series engine per capita of any city that I can think of. Just type in "L28" on craigslist I'm sure a bunch will pop up.
There are a ton of JY'ds around LA that have these cars quite often. While your at it look for a L28et out of a 82/83 turbo.
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