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Hey everyone,

Long time. Like 10 years, at least. I first joined ZCar as a 14-year-old kid who had just seen his first 300zx while waiting for the school bus: a pearl white 90-93 TT. I was in love and scrambled home to look up whatever this car was. I wish I could remember my first username! This site became my first bookmark, consumed hours of my time, and helped me learn basically everything I now know about Z cars. Many people were great, some were less great, and many of my posts could probably be characterized as such. I knew I wanted a later model slicktop but that a clean example was out of my price range, so my first Z32 was a 1992 2+2. I still have it and will probably never sell it, but it's not my dream Z.

Fast forward 21 years to earlier this summer when I started my search for a 1994 or 1995 slicktop that needed some love. In August, after months of searching, I found a clean title 1994 super black at an insurance auction in Gardena, California. It had some body damage in arguably one of the worst places (rear corner) but was otherwise straight. My friend had an account with the auction company, so he put it on his watch list. 3 days before the auction, which was coincidentally my wedding anniversary, I woke up to that friend calling me around 11:30pm. He had just received an email alert that the car had posted as buy-it-now and he wanted to confirm before pulling the trigger for $1099. "SEND IT!," I said. Then the voice on the phone said, "Congratulations, you just got your slicktop."

The car was listed as non-running so my friend and I drove just under 1,000 miles one way to pick it up. Once it was on the trailer, we hooked up a battery and tried to fire it up. No dice, but it didn't sound like it had lost compression. We drove it home, got there safely and unloaded it in my driveway. A few days later I was messing around with the driver's seat and I noticed a toggle switch near the bottom of the seatbelt mount. The switch was set to OFF and it suddenly hit me-- Holy F it has a fuel pump kill switch. I started yelling about it to my wife who came running out with the key. I flipped it to ON, turned the key and it fired right up. Unbelievable.

Since then, I've been building it into my version of the perfect Z32 before sending it off for bodywork and paint. It's slowly coming together and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I wouldn't be where I am today without the lessons and wisdom this forum provided, and it was absolutely worth the wait. To everyone who is on their own but similar path, I salute you. It's worth it.

And a special thank you to Z1_Zonly for helping me get out there. Cheers.


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