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i bought my 240 5 years ago.
And from the start it's been
bad news.At the time i was 19
and desprite for a car. I didn't have much money so when
i found this 240 for only 1000
dollor(Canandian)i grab it.
This is want i put up with.
I didn't tell my dad i purished the car as soon as he
seen it all he said was "stupid".
The car was in running condition but i wanted it to be better.Got my cylinder head
resurfised cleaned out the cards put new brakes etc.
so i go an register the car.
It turns out that the guy how sold me the car wasn't the
registered owner of the car.
Therefor i could not register it.The bill of sale had to have the registered name.
So now i was hunting for the guy how sold me the car.he's
gone.So i hunted for the real
owner of the car.found him.
Lucky for me he didn't care about the car so he gave me
a bill of sale.(for a 100 dollars)
So now i go and get my cylinder head installed at this
shop.it was a new motorsport
shop in the city so desided to go with them.Towed my car there and it sat there for a year.they didn't work on it.
as the year went buy i learned
that you can turbo it. i ended up buying a 280zxt.A parts car for my 240.It had everything
intercooler,rev limiter.boost
control and blow off valve And
the engine was rebuild.
I desided to stay with that shop because my freind became
part owner.
Towed the parts car there.
since business was picking up i told my friend to take his time with my car just so he can get some money rolling in
on other work.2 years later he
didn't touch the thing.
At this point my family was ask'n when the car would be done.and then laugh in my face.NOW it's personal.
Finally the shop started on my
car.since they started i gave them some money.I noticed that i needed new frame rail.So i gave them the money to order
them.At this point they stip the car totally.Nothing but shell.
That's when they desided to out of business.
They stirp my car took my money.so they offered me these
tires in exchange.So i took
them it was the right size.
i had rims for the car but it turn out that my aunt who bought the rims for me(my money) in another city
had the wrong offset.Now i have tires with no rims.
Found a guy to fix my car
he's a good guy.
I desided to get my engine conpartment paint before the engine goes in,He rip me off to.The painter.
now the engine going in.Guess what.No more intercooler,blow off valve,etc...All stolen
But all i have
to say is "When this car is done I will enjoy the Ride."
And i hope i win. Not yuihie.
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