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Completed 3.7:1 LSD install into 78 Z (long post keeper)


Posted By Clint 78(280Z) On July 06, 1998 At 12:38:58 AM

I have just completed my install of an 8/88 turbo clutch pack 3.7
LSD(limited slip differential) into my 78 280Z . I will try to make
this as informative as possible to clear up and grey areas surronding
this subject .
1) go to a junk yard find an 87-89 300 ZX turbo, (DO NOT get the rear
end from an 88 SE all white even the wheels, and special guages. This
vicous LSD is hard to make work) . Jack up the rear end, verify it is
an LSD by spinning one wheel if other wheel spins in the same
direction then it is an LSD
2) Taking it out the halfshafts pop right out, take the driveshaft,
front, rear diff mount bolts off . It comes right out. I can't
remember some of these details I was Hung Over that sunday.

3) Taking the rear end from my 280 I do remeber, put the rear in the
air with jackstands,take the tirs off and drain the diff.
a} Unbolt diff from mustache bar, and moustache bar from frame leave
it sit there
b} Unbolt halfshafts from axle housing, I had to use wrench and
c} Pop the halfshafts out of diff with 2 pry bars, mark them drivers
and passengers side
d} Unbolt front diff crossmember, undo front insulator mount from
e) Unbolts driveshaft from front input flange on driveshaft, I
akwardly used a wrench again and a few cuss words it is tight in
f} pull the diff out watch its heavy
g} take the diff stap off

Now swap the rear covers, change the halfshaft seals. You need to swap
the front input flanges, take the nut off the front air impacts
helps alot . Change this seal as well , it is probably time to change
front insulator mount also mine was torn in half big clunk !!

4) Installation is not too bad do this in order
a} Put the nose over the sway bar and lift the rear up into the rear
crossmember, it should sit there loose.
b} Jack the rear of diff up high, install one halfshafts it pops right
in and put the nuts on axle side, then do the other .
c} Install driveshaft bolts
d} Install front crossmember and attch front insulator to this
e) Lower jack until the rear diff bolts into the moustache bar.
f} Raise the jack and, attach moustache bar to the frame .
g} Add a good quality synthetic gear oil to diff

I have not tried to change the speedometer cog gear but if you swap it
from the same car it should give you the right ratio . My car has a
bit more snap due to lower gears and limited slip is amazing . I
floored on the gravel roads and if was bumpy the rear of car would
step out now if it does spin its perfectly straight , the car feels
much more controlled . If any one wants to post this on their wep
page feel free just clean it up first, or add some stuff go ahead .
Buy the way Greg you said you had viscous LSD try and see if a set of
280 z halfshafts will lock into the just curious . Later Clint


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