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autometer gauges pic!!

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what do you guys think ??

it took me some work but I think is worth it ..
I chose the 31/2" cause I really did not like the big 5 inch ones I think they are too big
I know.. I still have to install a new steering wheel .. but that's easy ..

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Do they work?

Did you have to get a new spedo cog for the tranny?

Nice Job!
of course they work !!!
I had to come up with an adapter in order to run the stock speedo cable
the talking lady was getting on my nervs anyway ...
it was really low and you could barely hear her ... so I really don't know if it works or not .. don't care for her much ...
no, the warning system don't work .. that's why I got all the gauges and more to come ...
Do my eyes decieve me or is the tach and speedo smaller than stock? Are you going to fill in the gap around the edges?

Looks good if you like the black on white guage look.
they r smaller than stock I did it that way 'cause I did not like the big gauges from factory anyways ... the edges around are already filled up w/ plexiglass but the pic does not help much there ...
I personally really like the way it looks with that empty space around the tach never seen a set up like that befor - nice looks
wow... i went and read all the posts real quick while the pic was loading, and was thinking i wouldnt like it... but wow.. that looks hot. much better visibility too, from the contrast...

now all you need is some ricer neon installed behind them :- )
beautiful job....as good as ive seen on here...... ....s
Personally: Too small. I'd have gone with the 5"-ers. Especially the Tach! But it looks pretty good. Congrats, dude.
so how did you adapt the speedo cable?
once I had the front section of speedo cable out ... I remove the "plug" that connects the cable to the old cluster ... took a trip to Home Depot to the bathroom section and got me a plastic "nut" .. from the hoses that go from the toilet tank to the actual faucet in the wall, you know those braided hoses behind every toilet ... took it home cut it to get it on the speedo cable and reglued it w/ a plastic gun ...
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