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autometer fuel gauge HELP !!!

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I'm trying to figure out how to connect it ...
The autometer gauge has 3 wires (one to the ignition, other to ground anf the other to the sender)... the ignition and ground are already connected......
I have two wires on the plug that connects to the old cluster one says "fuel(main)" the other "fuel(sub)" .. what is this ??? should I put this two together and connect it the the sender wire to the new gauge ???
from the fuel tank I noticed 4 wires coming out to the front of car .. should I use any of these wires ??
Please help as I'm not good at all when comes to electricity ... and please be as DETAIL as possible in your comment, don't assume anything ...
thanks in advance
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can't help,but I remember one guy from HybridZ.com did the same job,he replaced all gauges with autometer,try search there!hes got pics as well!
When I installed my Autometer fuel gauge, I used the wiring already in the dash. As I recall, I sorta "punched out" the ring connectors for the two sender leads that were screwed to the back of the Datsun gauge. I ran my own "ign" wire (my gauges are electronic) to a common line hardwired to the fuseblock and with its own inline fuse, and simply spliced into the old light bulb wire (prefused and all) for the illumination. I also ran a new ground to chassis.

Do not wire the senders together. The fuel gauge is basically an ohm meter, and reads the resistance in the circuit between those two leads. One wire should go to each "signal" post. Since it is an ohm meter, it shouldn't matter which wire goes to which lead (just don't send 12 volts (ign or illum) thru one!).

Eventually I ran my own wire to and from the sender at the fuel tank to get a cleaner signal. Either way works fine. Post if you have further issues.
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Now that I think about it, I think that the back of the Datsun fuel gauge was marked (+) and (-), so you can match these to the back of the Autometer gauge. Good luck.
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