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Hi there.

I've been driving a 6 speed 2000 Toyota Celica for about 8 years, basically the only car I've driven since I learnt to drive. I learnt to drive manual in it and overall I have sworn up and down I'd never drive an auto again.


I've been thinking of getting a new car for quite some time. After looking into fun, RWD cars with decent power that are in my price range I zoned in on the 370z. Originally I was dead set on a manual gearbox, however after doing some research I saw a lot of posts online about issues with the clutch slave cylinder failing, and overall a lot of poor reviews of how the manual gearbox feels.

I have heard that the 7sp with paddle shifters isn't actually too bad in the 370z. I don't plan on tracking the car. Possibly the occasional spirited drive but other than that it would be a daily driver as well as weekend cruises.

So I guess my question is - how are auto Z owners finding them? I am planning on test driving an auto tomorrow so I will see for myself, just would like to see some owners opinions.

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