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> I compared the lenght of the casing to the
> original R200 and I think they have the same
> lenght.

Beyond the difference in the finned cover, the size should be the same.

> Questions:
> 1) Can I use the whole differential or
> should I swap the guts of the LSD into my
> 280 R200 case?

you can use the whole diff. If I remember right, you have the turbo already, so you should have cv joints. if you do, this should be a bolt in procedure.

> 2) If not, maybe I can use the finned cover?

I don't know how close the clearance is on the zx, but you can't use it in the early Z's,(70-78), without some mods. if there is space behind the diff, yes, you can use it, as long as the mounting will line up. if not, use the cover from your old diff.

> 3) which lubricant to use? synth right?

YES! high temps in the lsd make it almost a requirement. you need to also look into the friction modifiers required for lsd's. check with your local nissan dealer, or local nissan expert.

> 4) As some of you already know I am the
> proud and hurt owner of a set of BFG's drag
> radials and they grip too much,

now that is not something i have heard before. we in the z and zx's tend to NOT have enough, vice your excess problem. you will launch harder with the lsd, because both tires will be grabbing vs just one before. you will launch harder, and i don't think it will be a problem, drive it and see first.

> 5) If not, is the driveshaft the next weak
> link or the BW tranny?

the next weak link is likely the u-joints in the driveshaft, but it is rare to hear of them failing. it is usually u-joints in the halfshafts that fail under high power. since you have cv joints, i don't think you will have probs. for good measure, i would replace the driveline u-joints. just a saftey thing.

> 6) I've heard that some people change the
> unions in their driveshafts, which ones
> should I use? or is it a big job?

are you talking about the flange on the front of the diff? if so, that talk was for us z owners who are running a driveline that was originally for a r180 diff. since you originally had a r200, you should be fine.

-bob hanvey
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