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Well I am about to begin to make many many many questions regarding the installation of the LSD differential I got from a 300ZXT '88, got it for $300 which I think it is fair enough.
The first thing I did when I got it home is putting the axles and turning it too see the other axle turning the same direction (GREAT!)
I would like to have my Z up and running next sat (hopefully)

I compared the lenght of the casing to the original R200 and I think they have the same lenght.

1) Can I use the whole differential or should I swap the guts of the LSD into my 280 R200 case?

2) If not, maybe I can use the finned cover?

3) which lubricant to use? synth right?

4) As some of you already know I am the proud and hurt owner of a set of BFG's drag radials and they grip too much, I am thinking on running with my tires inflated to 32 psi but as I posted before, will the LSD break faster than the regular? (because both tires have grip)?

5) If not, is the driveshaft the next weak link or the BW tranny?

6) I've heard that some people change the unions in their driveshafts, which ones should I use? or is it a big job?

7) Have someone welded the nuts to the differential to be able to release it w/o having to put a wrench in that very difficult place? ( to be able to release the diff only by (after removing the axles and driveshaft) removin the 4 bolts in the X-member and the support?

Any other info anyone can provide regarding this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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