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NOW I AM HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a pair of BFG's 235-60-15 AND THEY DO FIT!!!
BUT (notice a big BUT there)the springs have to be like new, thank God the ones I have are in perfect shape and that my car is standing tall.
Yesterday I raced a Turbo II who always won races against me because of traction and spanked him pretty badly

I will take some pictures of those tires soon and try to put a link to them in here if anyone is interested.

I could launch my car at 5000 with no traction problems at all.

ah, about the post I added on how to reduce squat for better traction? I need just NOTHING to improve that

I rand the tires at 25 psi (not boost) and they have a helluva grip to the pavement

well, just my impression on a set of tires that everyone here with a fast ZXT (15 rims) should have.

I hope this week I can go to the strip and test them on the 60ft

z-ya all!!


I am really having fun!!!!!!!!!!!
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