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are the ECUs the same for all 91 Autos???

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I'm getting some major help on another thread and wondered if these were all the same. Forgive my ignorance on the subject - thanks in advance.
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They will all work the same 90-92 NA 90-94 TT
Has anyone here had good results with JDM ENGINE DEPOT Inc out of New Jersey? I can get one from them and one of the members here linked me before to one of their ebay listing previously.

Thanks in advance
Jay, a 90-95 should work in any 90-95, just matching TT to TT and NA to NA, Automatic ECU will always work in a 5spd car, but not the other way around.
Youre right, i was thinking along the lines of the injectors.
So anyone deal with this company out of Jersey?
No but keep in mind a JDM ECU will be different ( fuel maps ) than a USDM..... but it will function...
See if you can get a number off the ECU... and cross ref it here..

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