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Anyone seen one of these?

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Thats new to me too. Can't say that I care for it.

I looked at that one a day or so ago... I don't think any of the older Zs came with a sunroof (at least, I've never seen one). It seems like it'd be easier to buy a universal sunroof kit and install it VS. chopping off your roof from the pillars and welding on a new one...
I'm pretty sure that isn't a factory option...I never heard of one before. I put a good quality aftermarket sunroof in my first Z-car (about 20 years ago) and the results were just fine....no leaking, etc etc. Even so, I won't do it again, i never really ever used it a lot, and now I'm older and wiser, I realize that the aesthetics were kinda doubtful. And it absolutely needed a little "spoiler" at the leading edge of the opening when the galss was all the way out, or the buffeting and wind noise was intolerable.
Mine came with a glass one piece sunroof already in it. I ended up covering it with the darkest "limo tint" I could find to keep the sun out. I wish it wasn't there but I'm not going to spend the time trying to make it a slick top again. The one in that auction is some sort of aftermarket one, at least none of the US versions had a sunroof that I'm aware of.
That has to be the best after market sunroof I have seen installed on a Z car. I would KILL to have that one instead of mine. Mine is a big turd! I would have bought that but shipping would kill me.
I have seen a 280zx with that roof as factory, as if put that in over targa tops! AS IF!

That sun roof look like the stock 84-85 RX7 sun roof. Look like someone cut and weld the whole thing into that Z. Nice job though..
I saw a 73 240 sold in Hawaii that had a vinyl panel that folded itself as you slid it toward the rear. I think it was dealer installed.
I think I am going with

VinhZXT on this one that has got to be a weld in from some other car. But have to admit it looks like it was well done.

Yes the vinyl sliders are after market installs.
VinhZXT, you are correct. That is most definitely a 84-85 Mazda RX7 sunroof that someone has stuck in there.
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