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Mods, I want to make this seen by as many as possible. Please don't delete or move. Please.

Received this disturbing email:

I’ve waited, and I’ve waited, and I can’t wait any more…
I’m writing the letter that no one else seems to want to write (in fact, it’s taken me several attempts).
As many of you know, and for those of you that don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…
The Z Club of Houston is presently running with no officers, no newsletter, and no direction.
I’ve seen this happen from time-to-time with other Z Clubs, but I never expected this to happen with our club.
Being the Third Oldest Z Club in the country and residing in the 4th largest city in America; I would never have expected this to happen to us…but…we are in immediate peril of closing shop (so to speak).
I realize that times change and so do people’s interest. Having been a member since 1983 myself, I’ve certainly seen a lot of changes in my life ! People sell their Z’s, people have kids, people get married…many things happen that cause people to lose interest in their cars and the club, but, I’ve never quite understood how the Dallas Club seems to continue to grow and flourish, while our numbers dwindle and enthusiasm wanes.
We have the talent, we have the numbers, we definitely have the cars…we just need the volunteers.
Having just sent out the email survey about the Z Club Track Event, I can tell by the OUTSTANDING (and very positive, I might add) response, that there is plenty of interest out there. It’s just a matter of getting the right people to step forward.
This coming Tuesday Night (Jan. 17th) is probably one of the, if not THE most important Z Club of Houston Meetings EVER.
At this meeting, we will discuss and determine if there is any interest left in continuing the club.
Please do not come to the meeting with the intention of re-nominating the past officers. They’re tired, and need a break, and we need fresh blood with fresh ideas directing the club.
Please DO come to the meeting with a vision for the club…a direction, if you will.
And don’t think that someone else will do it, or get there and realize that one or two other people are going to volunteer, so you don’t need to… because you might just be the very person that this club is desperately needing right now.
These are the positions that need filling:
The President
The V.P. of Administration
The V.P. of Activities
The Treasurer
The Secretary
These positions need volunteers:
Newsletter editor
Membership Chairman
Technical Chairman
Website Manager
For a detailed explanation of each office and it’s expectations, go to our club websight that has been maintained (along with the Secretarial Duties), by our own beloved, Joni Mueller at: <http://www.zclubofhouston.com>
Pick an office or position. Think about what you have to offer to the club…to make it work…to make it function…to make it THRIVE !
The meeting starts at 7:30pm. People start arriving and eating as early as 6:30 (the food is GREAT…try the chicken fried steak) at Hickory Hollow, located at 101 Heights Blvd.
This very well could be the final meeting of the Z Club of Houston.
If you care at all…please plan to attend if you can.
If you don’t care, just don’t show up. No one will blame you, no one will call your house, you’ll get no more emails…It will pass quietly into oblivion….what a shame.
Hope to see you this Tuesday,
David Morreale
Proud member
Z Club of Houston
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