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Anyone here have xtra hood vents?

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for a 77-78 280Z?

I need to replace my left hood vent. The plastic piece just broke on one corner due to age & heat. This little flaw is driving me nuts LOL. If you look close in my pic, you'll probably see it. :(

If any of you fellow Zers have one laying around, let me know. Thanks.

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Buy a new one from MSA. They aren't much and ANY used one will end up doing the same thing yours did. Been down that road TOO many times.
parts car may have it. will look this weekend. but if new is inexpensive, go that route.
the front bumper looks higher on one side also..might look into that also.... hehehe
Yeah it drives ya nuts LOL. About the bumper, it really is straight. The pic for some reason got F'ed up. It's the only front shot that I got at the moment.

I looked at MSA but all I could find was 280ZX vents. Do they even have any for 77-78's?

Call them. Seems like they are like $38 a piece from them..
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