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Anyone help me save $35 on a Carfax?

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Not a Nissan this time. It's a Toyota Tundra. Anyone have an unlimited account and would be willing to run this for me?

Thanks in advance!!
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Auto check is only $30 lol
But I didn't ask for AutoCheck, did I?

Go back to asking stupid questions in the 90-96 Tech.

I'd appreciate it if someone who had the unlimited plan could help. It will equate to about 5 minutes of their personal time.. and in return I'll be eternally grateful and owe them a favor. I'm not cheap, I just like to manage every dollar to the best of my ability. If I had an unlimited plan I'd do the same for someone else. If nobody is able to help, then so be it.. No big deal. I'll buy a single CarFax. I just thought I'd throw the question out there.

Thanks again.
Go to your local car dealership and they might do it for free. I have several friends who work at a dealership and they do this for me all the time.
Ow dude.. i was just informing about auto check.. Didn't know if you knew about it or not, the way i figured is it's the same thing but cheaper... If I'm mistaken so be it.. and my question was curiosity.. asking if anyone had experience with it.. I had done some research and I've run into both sides of the "it works it- doesn't work argument" Ultimately I'm gonna steer clear of it.. No need to shoot down a suggestion that was made in the interest of helping..
Thanks for the tip!
So you're looking at a vehicle around $10K and you want to save $35....

I don't think carfax has the unlimited plan any more, at least not for us mere mortals. I just bought a vehicle and all I could get was the one for x or five for x. I bought the 5. Just do it. Unless that is the only vehicle you're looking at.
I bought the 5 pack earlier this afternoon. I was primarily concerned with a carfax on this truck because it has been in an accident that is considered "moderate". The AutoCheck report is provided free on the car sales site, but CarFax provides more detailed info. I was able to contact the original owner of my Z based on registration information obtained through its CarFax. I plan to attempt the same with this truck's 2nd owner to inquire about details of the damage. I think you're right about the monthly unlimited plan though. I don't see it anywhere as an option anymore.

In my opinion, a wise money manager does not discount the value of a number like 35 in comparison to a number like 10,000. I've been pooling 35's and other such insignificant dollar amounts together every chance I got over the last 6 years since I paid off my last auto purchase... And when I buy this truck or whichever one I consider worthy, I will pay cash for it to avoid unnecessary spending on interest. So yes, I'm the kind of guy who cares about $35. I suppose that's just me though.
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They don't appear to offer an unlimited one as an option any more, at least not when I looked at it when we bought our most recent vehicle -- 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. I've looked at both AutoCheck and typically CarFax does offer more info. A dealer I talked to while looking at cars said it would cost him $500 a month to get unlimited CarFaxes.

Yes, one can put together a lot of $35s to make $10,000, and no, I'm not one to waste money. I just basically included cost of CarFax as part of what I was willing to spend. My thought was if I was willing to spend more than $10K on a vehicle, I should be willing to spend $35 to know more of the history. And yes, we paid cash -- no car payments in our household. ;)
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