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Some Z images to See

My emerging website at http://www.jps.net/zparts/home.html

If you have a digital camera you might be interested in entering my WINTER Z CAR PHOTO CONTEST that will be displayed in Jan 99. In the first week I have received some outsanding submissions from Texax, Canada, and from one guy which is taking his Z to Plymouth Rock in Mass. to photograph it in a snow storm.

Full details on the Winter Z contest have been posted recently to this forum. Look below your orig message to find the contest details.

As a pro photographer, I will be covering the ITS races and Z enduro events at Sears Point this weekend. Look for some more racing action shots at my site in about 2 weeks.

Eric Neyerlin zpARTS [email protected]
> Well, I love looking at Zs. I have a digital
> camera, and everytime I spot a Z, and I have
> the camera with me, I take a pic. BUT
> If you have a 240, 260, or 280Z, and you
> haven't made it look all funky, can you
> please send me pics?
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