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Everytime I post a message, I keep seeing the Optional Image URL thing. Well, I love looking at Zs. I have a digital camera, and everytime I spot a Z, and I have the camera with me, I take a pic. BUT ANYWAYS...
If you have a 240, 260, or 280Z, and you haven't made it look all funky, can you please send me pics? The car could have rust on it and everything, so long as it looks like a Z.
And by the way, I have nothing against ZX's. I just like the classic look of the Z.
So... if you have a pic that you want to show off, or would just like to share you Z, send me a pic, or the URL to your pic. PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to send a picture of your Z, send it to [email protected].
Another by-the-way: I'm not some kind of sick person, I just like looking at Zs.
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