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I just picked up a 280zx motor from the junkyard. It is a f54 block
and a p79 head. It has 60k miles on it. My 73 240z has 165k miles
on it and it is l24 with e88 head. I am definately using the new
block in my car, but am trying to decide which head to use. I am
going to still use the SU's and headers.

If I use the p79 I am going to have to buy new headers for the round
exhaust ports ($200). If I use the e88 it may need some
reconditioning. I compression tested the l24 and the fourth
cylinder's low compression did not raise when I added some oil, so I
assuming it has some kind of valve problem. I have also heard that
if you are going to use SU's with a p79 you can't use the stock cam.
It looks like it is going to at least cost $500-$600 to use the p79.
It should be less to recondition the e-88.

My question is before I start investing in one or the other which
should I use?

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