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> I don't remeber anyone ever posting that
> they are a meber of any particular Z-clubs
> around the county. Surely we have a few
> people here that are members, right?

> If we do, I'd like to know a little more.
> Our local Z club here in North Texas, is
> pretty active, lots of shows, BBQ's and so
> forth, but only a select few of the members
> participate. They have lots of Z cars, that
> are in great shape, but it seems that club
> participation is kinda holding them back.
> I'm not a member, because of this reason.
> (Kinda one of the reason, I started my own
> car club.)

> I'd like to hear about the clubs in your
> area.

> Chris Behney
> Redline Autosports


I'm a member of the Windy City Z Club (Chicago, IL area). We have the same situation as Dave and Tim mention. I, unfortunately, am one of the majority, i.e. I attend about one or two events a year. At least I attend some events.

I guess that it's a matter of priority. I love my Z's but I have three children, a home (to maintain), tennis, etc.

I think one trick is to make new members feel more accepted. When they do attend an event, several 'regular' members should make a concerted effort to have them join their discussions, etc. While in these discussions, they should ask for the new (inactive) member's opinions, etc. Maybe use name tags.

My New Year's resolution is to attend more events. Yeah, right.
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Not open for further replies.