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> I don't remeber anyone ever posting that
> they are a meber of any particular Z-clubs
> around the county. Surely we have a few
> people here that are members, right?

> If we do, I'd like to know a little more.
> Our local Z club here in North Texas, is
> pretty active, lots of shows, BBQ's and so
> forth, but only a select few of the members
> participate. They have lots of Z cars, that
> are in great shape, but it seems that club
> participation is kinda holding them back.
> I'm not a member, because of this reason.
> (Kinda one of the reason, I started my own
> car club.)

> I'd like to hear about the clubs in your
> area.

> Chris Behney
> Redline Autosports

Chris, what do you mean by participation holding the club members back. back from what?

internet z car club member
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