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..... And now the weather for So Cal!

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It's freaking snowing......

Ok I get it from back east... like nevada..
But it has snowed at my residence ( Valencia Ca ) 2X in the past....

So to me this is news...
And to stay on topic... it's snowing on both my Z's

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Dry here in MoValley, but I feel the raindrops so we stopped moving cars and unloaded the new 260 engine from the back of the dually. Time to call it a day I guess.
That means another trip to Harkins Cinema and another viewing of "True Grit" with Jeff Bridges...

That kinda figures, don't it?
I shoveled 18" of snow off my 6 car driveway yesterday so I'm feeling your pain. :eek:
Now you get a dose of our weather along with the crazies that populate your state! Why don't have very many crazies out my way, we ship them off to california! ;D
And yes Tony I know you know all about snow from your time in the mid west.
Phew... it stopped....

I mean how would I be able to drive in that white stuff..... LOL!

I had to move the ZX onto the street and then back into the driveway when I was done shoveling. It went through the snow ok and didn't get stuck. It does have good tires and my 200lb (it feels like ;D) toolbox in the back. I think these Z cars get around in snow a lot better than people think they might.
But I'm really happy for you that the humongous snow storm in cali has subsided. ::)
Here are some pics from a few weeks ago when it snowed here, now its just massive low temp cold spell icing. I cant wait till it gets down into the 1's thats when the Hood Canal Freezes over which its fresh ratio freezes a 1/4 in layer allong the coastline. I can never joke about Cali getting snow and rain dumped on them, last time I did I ended up surrounded by record snows and mudslides.
Yes we got about 2mm of base.....
That has melted...

I was afraid... very afraid... I would have to walk across the street to get to my Ford Exploder 4X4..
To rage through the elements... being the hunter gatherer.. providing food for the family.. like Pizza

From the last time I talked with my family in SoCal they said that they where surrounded by water below their proporty lines. But thats what happens when you live on a former lake bed, you got to bed expecting its going to be all good and then your sourrounded with a lake. Knowing them they are out on their quads and sand rails havin a blast.
"2mm of base" That must of been a blizzard from ****. Stock up on bread and milk they go first. Oh don't drive the Z far because what people say is true it only takes one patch of ice to make you cry.
In detroit we had snow for about three weeks cold as ****.
yesterday record hi 54 and rain but today 21 and dry.
So i was out in my 83 zx felt good.
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when I change my Cold air intake filter my ZX would be like a set of lungs with the tar cleaned out of them. Next 4 days possable snow at my school 30miles south, if it does Iam gonna have a stupid amount of down time workin on the garage so I can work on the ZX in a dry spot.
Here north of Syracuse we got 72". The Z stays in the garage as the roads are akin to the salt flats.
Wow that seems like alot of snow for Ca. I've lived here in southern cal all my life. The only snow i've seen like that was in Julian. Never at the lower levels.
Not to mention all the rain we've been having lately. Glad my Z is garaged.
Several weeks ago, California experienced 17 feet of snowfall in a short period. Say what you will about NY and back east, but that isn't where Mormons were confirmed to be Carnivores...and cannibals as well!

No sir, John Smith left NY for points west, and his followers got snowed-in going to SanFrancisco. In the shadow of the Ponderosa, near the shores of Lake Tahoe...

17 FEET. Yes, they closed the roads. We don't want no Suburbans filled with Mormons getting trapped in the snow again...it could impact Mitt Romney's run for Prez in 2012...
Everywhere was covered in ice this morning I mean I had a mug of coffee I put on my roof and left it there for 10 minutes I came back and it was ice cold. The ZXs inside was in the high ones as the outside was actually 30degrees warmer. My seat was slightly frosted and my rear hatch window was iced over on the inside. I got a pota-heater running at full blast and its not even defogged yet.
We're having a typical Houston winter - about 3 hours so far.

Snow every 12 years or so - 1" will shut Houston down - no one can drive in it here.

The ridiculous part - A/C on one day heat the next. Jackets first two days of the week, shorts and short sleeves till the end of the week.

The out-of-town squirrels go crazy packing away nuts, local squirrels hang out at Walmart for the after holiday sales.
Well, I put my heater in and left it running for 8 hours and I de-iced,fogged,dried, and reactivated my scent tree all in one go, outside was 25.5F inside was 65F.
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