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Analog A/F Gauge

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Just ordered this baby:

made by a company called Westach
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where did you order it from and how much.. and is it ez to put in?
studio, i have the inner plastic fender, you can have it for free, just pay shipping.
Thats awesome! I want one.
you have one.. crap.. i just won a bid on ebay.. but the guy isnt resonding and i had to buy 2.. i think ill just get bad feed back and get yours... cause he is ignoring me..

that is very nice of you..
do you have a hatch latch by any chance? the part thats on the door..

ill send you an instant message to the name you have listed on your profile..
im on aim at studiomaxer3d
$25 w/o sensor from a canadian company. Contact Westach to find a supplier near you (Westach.com)
How do you install that? Can you post the result in your techtip?
studio, i have the 2 plastic inner fender parts. Plus i have the latch on the hatch. You will have to pay for shipping and $$$ to purchase one box at 3.99.
ok no problem tell me what you want for the passenger inner fender and the latch that goes on the rear door..

this guy from ebay has had long enough..
i would say 20 bucks. That should pay for the box and shipping. If you pay through paypal i can refund you the unspent amount.
how much would an O2 sensor that would work with that gauge cost?
O2 sensors can be had at Junkyards. I'm getting a used one for $20.
really save your money and get a wideband, everything else is just junk pretty much.
If you were lucky enough to have a graphing multimeter you wouldn't need that. lol

the digital one made by AMG is pretty good. It's only downfalls I find are that it doesn't have a wide enough range, it samples either to slow or not fast enough to look smooth, and it has no practical place in the cab during driving or racing.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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