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Amateur question about the distributor (with video)

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Sorry to make you download but here's a link to a video that explains what my question/problem is. The car is a 1980 280ZX N/A. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8z9uob3lshw37e/CIMG1090.AVI
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Upload the vid to youtube mediafire is sending me into an early morning rage. I cant get the vid to work but i get plenty of pop-ups.
Yep you fuckk up the distributor from the looks of your video. Hopefully not too bad. Why would you go in there prying about with a screwdriver while the distributor is bolted in place. You need a good rapping on the knuckles with a 1/2" breaker bar & then your nose rubbed in the valve cover oil fill hole whilst repeating "I shall refer to the FSM in the future".

No the dristributor shaft & rotor should not have right or left movement like yours if properly seated. Unbolt the distributor from the front engine cover & inspect for any damage by refering to the FSM specs. I suspect you lifted the distributor shaft off of the oil pump/distributor spindle & its not seating properly now. In any case a thorough off engine inspection of the distributor should be done.

ps - fixed
JohnH: Why is the first paragraph of your response so littered with spelling and grammatical errors that it's mostly incomprehensible...but the second is much more readable? Looks like it was written by two different people. Just curious.
He's getting old and for some reason we lose eye finger coordination for no reason at all.
It should not have that play. The Dist is held in place with 2-10mm bolts. You will have to rebuild it...i.e., take it apart and put it back together properly. I may have pictures.
Some pictures would be appreciated....I've got the FSM so that will help but I'm already a little confused about how to punch out that pin on the reluctor...any tips for this process?
The reluctor prys off with 2 screw drive

send me an email...it won't take pictures anymore.
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