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> I'll state now that I don't HAVE a Z car
> yet, but I'm posting to find out what I can
> do to it so I don't discover that I can't do
> the following to it after I've bought
> it(early model).

> I've read about a guy who put a Nissan
> engine called the VG30(3 litre V6) into his
> 510 without TOO much trouble, this engine
> puts out about 240hp at the flywheel, I can
> get one for under $1000. I'm thinking that's
> a good 100hp more than the stock engine in
> an early Z, so surely this would be a great
> engine, and considering it'll fit in a
> 510(with a few modifications, to the
> firewall and such), I'm hoping it would be a
> piece of cake to put it in a Z. Is this
> true? Is there anyone out there who has put
> this engine into their Z? If not, is there
> anyone who'd know if it's easy or not?

> By now you're probably thinking that if I
> want to boost the power all that way, why
> not go and put a V8 in? One compound word:
> Supercharger. The VG30 as far as I know is
> an EXTREMELY good engine, Quad-cam,
> injected, very smooth, and, being Japanese,
> of very good construction. I'm looking at a
> Vortech V-5 running around 10lbs of boost,
> yet again, is there anyone who's run a
> supercharger on the VG30, is there any good
> source of info on the VG30?(I've only gotten
> snippets of info). Of course, with around
> 350hp there'll be drivetrain and exhaust
> mods to support it, and suspension and
> handling mods to justify it, but the
> impression I've gotten of the Z is that it
> has a lot of capacity for upgrades,
> considering that I've read about one with a
> 402 V-8 under the hood.

> Sorry for the length, any response would be
> appreciated.

> So, am I mad for wanting to put 10lbs of
> boost onto an already respectable engine to
> give it an impressive boost curve and some
> 350hp(is that too high or too low for 10lbs
> of boost? It's just a rough guess).

> Project#2501 John Woo is a
> genius

You are definately mad!!!
There are a lot of cheaper ways to go about getting 350 horse into a Z. However this sounds like a very unique project. I assume that you are talking about the VG30DE which is the engine used in non-turbo '90-96 300ZX's. It was rated at 222hp net. THe engine has been put into 240Z's, however it requires fabricating engine mounting brackets and transmission crossmember. This is not a conversion for the shadetree mechanic. However i know of a 76 280Z w/the VG30DETT twin-turbo motor that runs low 11's in the quarter mile. I also know of a guy who put an Eaton blower on a VG30 and put it in a 510. It's not running yet but we have high hopes. His name is Vernon and he has a shop called RaVer Motorsports in Visalia, Ca. The phone number is (559) 733-4711. Give him a call. He knows a great deal about Nissan stuff. Good luck!!!!!!!

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Theres a webpage out there with a guy that put a 496 in a 240Z runs fast as **** but then again he had to redo the whole car for it to fit but it would hold a pretty big wheely
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