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Airflow Tech question....

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Hello all,
Got a interesting subject today that im trying to work out.
On my Turbo Z car the idle vacumm stays at 10, yes i know a little low at idle but big cam make car run like that. but it is steady. question i have is this I have a custom made intake manifold with built in Airhorns for each runner. I am getting a sound simular to a vacumm leak (wimple charger) sound. I can not find anyleaks through out the engine. Tryed spraying it looking for a raise in RPM but no luck. Tryed the hose trick and cant find anything. The wimple charger sound does go away at approx 3000 rpm. Could it be the resonation from the intake manifold.... Any one have any suggestions .........

Thanks Ron
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I have been tinking of doing the same thing but did not consider that this could
be a problim , as I have had 510s with twin 45 and 48 webber carbs and the
noise they make I think what you are hearing is the induction noise , as on
6cyl engines this dissappers at higher rpm ??
Hi Ron
Well you know I'm no expert but by looking at the intake and the depth of the horns I would think it is just the sound of the air circulating around in the intake coming off the lips of the horns as it enters the engine...I have a stethoscope if you wanna use it...I would say put it on the intake box and slowly accelarate and listen to see if it starts changing pitch...if it gets deeper instaed of higher pitch then it should be the vortex in the intake...if not that then maybe spray soapy water on the hoses that could be affected?? (if you can use soap ..ya know like testing for gas leaks on appliances? (altough is suppose it's not to good for engines if sucked in though huh!?!?!)

Gimme a call and I'll bring my scope...

Z ya later
Mike K
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