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In a never ending quest to find parts that work on my 280zx's I came across a couple of AFM boot replacement options. Both of these boots are still available from Amazon and the great thing is that they only cost $10.00-$15.00 shipped and you can even find them in your local junk yard as they are off Hondas from 2006-2015. The first one is a Dorman boot for 2006-2011 Civic 1.8L engine. The Dorman number is 696-094 and the Honda part number is 17251-RNA-A00. This hose is for the people who want to clean up the engine compartment. The hose does not have a provision for the air tube going to the Aux Air Reg or the hose going to the valve cover. There is one issue with the boot and it is that both ends are the same size.
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I purchased a short length of silicone intake hose 4 ply 76mm (3") x 57mm (2.25") and cut a 1" section off the hose and inserted it into the Dorman. This makes a great fit on the throttle body end and the AFM end is a great fit without mod.

This is the 3" x 2.25" silicone hose 9.00 on Amazon
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This is the Dorman with the 1" section inserted into the throttle body end
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Dorman in place on the throttle body
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AFM in place with the Dorman installed
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The second boot is also a Dorman and it is for 2012-2015 Civic 1.8L engine. Dorman part number is 696-105 and I got it for 10.00 shipped from Amazon.
This one has the correct size ends on it and it also has a place to attach the air hose to the Aux Air Regulator. Only issue is when the boot is in place, the attachment hole is on the bottom and you may or may not want to trim of the extra mounting points on this hose.
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Here it is on the throttle body
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and with the AFM in place
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There looks to be some Acura boots that might fit but I could not find any in my local Pick yard to confirm. The first boot is 15.00 plus 10.00 for the short section of silicone hose. The second was 11.00 shipped from Amazon. A new boot from ZcarDepot will run about 100.00 to 119.00 but it is an exact fit.

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z car depot sells new afm boots for 75 dollars they have them for the 79-80, 81, and 82-83. here's a link if anyone's interested: Air Intake Boot Throttle Body to AFM Hose Tube EFI 280ZX 79-83
Yep, I did mention Zcar Depot in my post. People who want to "clean up" their engine and remove all of the extra cold start stuff can use this as a great option to the expensive boot. I am not a "clean up" person, this is just a cheap option that works for some people.
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