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Air flow?????

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o.k here goes......
I recently bought new injectors for my 83 280zx put them in and the [email protected] things running too rigch and has lost some power.. i bought them at auto zone(one reason they suck) asked for injectors for and 83 n/a take them home put them on a couple days later I see some pics on the net and they look exactly like the turbo injectors??? if this is the case then thats the reason it is running rich right?
if so then I will need more airflow right? can i use the afm off an 83 turbo on my 83 n/a?
I tried the one off my 79' n/a just to see if there was a difference and it won't work on an 83?

I know you guys can help..
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The injector look identical. That's not a problem, the colors used to tell a story, but now I have a green, two turquoise, and three brown injectors on my 76 and it runs fine. Unless you are willing to have the car down for a while and to sent the injectors out to someone like Russ Collins to have the things flow-matched and tested, there's not much you can do.
Chances are, your problem is more related to bad connections, corrosion on connections, and sensor error, rather than injector flowrates.
Take two of the BIG Chevron Techroline containers and pour it into a half tank of gas. Keep a gallon can of fuel with you and run that tank to fumes. If the problem doesn't clear up by then, start looking for electrical causes, cause the injectors should be CLEEEEEEAN!
Good Luck!
Re: NAH!

the injectors arent clogged there brand new I also cleaned the gas tank new gas lines fuel, filter, also new headers exhaust engine rebuild with bigger flat tops fully worked head. the afm also works fine no corrosion on electrical connects either
the injectors aren't different colors either they are black and as for the injector tips the are not the factory brown plastic tips they are steel tipped?

anyway.. will the 83 turbo afm work on the 83n/a ?

I'll let the cat out of the bag...
I talked with someone at Motorsport earlier this week, and they are getting a Mass Flow conversion in sometime in January. They will be prototyping it. Apparently they are piggybacking off another successful product, and it is proven already, they just have to customize the product for the Z,
If I were you (and I am, as I am now waiting for this new item to come to market...) I'd wait for this new airflowmeter. It is of the hot wire style, and is ADJUSTABLE. From what I understand, the cost will be (or is projected to be) comparable to stock AFM prices. You will be able to set the injector size, and it will compensate in the signal it sends to the ECU so it will have the correct mixture.

NOW anybody see why I'm excited about this! The turbo AFM can be MADE to work, as can an AFM from an BMW 3-Liter, but this seems to be abetter option.
Why? Because under ideal conditions, the stock AFM has several inches of water restriction in the intake system. The Mass Flow Hot Wire will not have that restriction. Taht means more HP.
I'd wait. You can make the turbo AFM work, but this seems to be a better option.

Remember, follow my advice, get the A/F ratio meter, and an adjustable FPR, that way you can trim the fuel delivery any way you want.

Me personally, I'm chomping at the bit to be a gunieau pig on my turbo converted 73 240 (83 ZXT motor...) I WANT THIS MASS FLOW METER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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