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Air Flow Meters

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Are there solid state air flow meters?
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What everyone calls a MAF is pretty close. Air flowing over a wire to give the air flow rate. The MAF has to match the ECU though, I believe.

Are you just trolling or serious?
The Air Flow Meter like whats on 75-83 Z cars measure the volume of air going into the engine while a Mass Air Meter measures the mass of the air. Two different things.
The point of the original question was addressed. What is typically known as a MAF can be used to measure air flow. How to get it to work in place of what is typically known as as Air Flow Meter is another issue.

But the real question is what he means by "solid state." I made the assumption that meant without the mechanical vane of an AFM.

By the way, I think that you meant Mass Air Flow sensor, not Mass Air Meter.
That was at my end. Here is a better one.
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Joe said:
Are there solid state air flow meters?
Not really:

280z(x) with shock Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) has Bosch L Jetronic Air Flow Meter(AFM). These are mechanical devices with analog circuitry (potentiometer and reference resistor dividers). There is also a thermocouple attached to the AFM for measuring air temperature. None of this is solid state electronics (ie transistors, semiconductors, FET's etc.).
well yea I understand how the whole potentiometer system it uses works and all, I was just wonderin if any after market solid state device has been made in place of the mechanical device. Helping with more accurate readings ect. but no im not putting a MAS in my car that was a silly thing to say guy.
Re: Air Flow Meters-GOT afm? by NK

Darn! After all this AFM talk I am forced to look for another AFM for my 78 Z. Does A11-600-000 sound like the afm from the past that works w/ these 78Z's? Mine's a Federal model. About 40$ plus shipping? Lemme know! Right now I am using one without those two extra pins! Looking for full "pinage" this time. Norm K.
I think that A11-600-000 is an ECU number.

A31-060-001 is the AFM number for my 1976, it has the two fuel pump contact pins.

I also have a #A31-604-000 from a 1978, that has the two extra pins, and the fuel pump contact switch, but they weren't used by the 1978 harness. Probably easier to leave them during manufacturing.
Yes, I see that IS the number on the ECU. A31-604-000 is for my AFM. NK
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