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air filter/oil filter

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what size air filter/oil filter do i need? i saw many different types and sizes at autozone.

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how long have you been driving?
the dumbass behind the counter can look it up in the computer
computer? i wouldnt trust half those counter guys looking up some part number!

they have huge book right next to the air/oil filters that go back 35 years at least for what you need. if you dont know what you are driving and cant manage to look it up in the book right in front of the display then you have no business working on your own car.
i trust no one at autozone, thus the dumbass comment. lol Theres one guy at the local o'reillys that is actually a car guy and knows his stuff real well and is always more than helpful. *sigh* i wish they were all like that.
depends on each store.

some of them have great guys that know there stuff, but for paying someone barely above min wage what can you expect!

i have a parts place (actually a small local 6 store chain) close by that pays there counter people min 35K a year to start and they ALL know their stuff on just about any thing you ask them or want.
Just ask for an oil filter to fit your engine, just make sure you know the year and engine code so you can cross check it.

As for the air filter, should be a similar deal but if I were you I'd just bring the old one in and make sure they match up
there is no book...
no book?

is this a longs drug store thats selling the oil/air filters? LOL

if they have no book i wouldnt even go back.
your air filter is fine, I just put it in like 1,000 miles ago.
unless, that is, you drove cross-country since I left or something...
Fram PH8A is excellent for street use.
Fram in many peoples opinion is not fine for anything but a doorstop.

I wouldnt run one if they were giving them out for free somewhere.
so what brand would you suggest? anyone know?

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well id suggest purolator or mobil1 filter, but the mobil1 is gonna set you back $12. to me thats nothing to pay for a filter.

ive cut various filters open and only those 2 i would run. the mobil1 uses synthetic filter media.
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